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Minor status update 2: A hurricane of numbers — August 13, 2015

Minor status update 2: A hurricane of numbers

(For proper effect, listen to this while reading.)

Holy crap, that was a big windstorm. We’re talking telephone poles knocked down, roofs smashed by falling branches, sheds blown a block away, mass power outages…the whole nine yards. Apparently, the wind got up to 74 mph in some parts, which counts as a category 1 hurricane. I was lucky enough not to suffer much from it; nothing got smashed, and my electricity remained on the whole time aside from the lights flickering a few times, though it did take out my Internet for about a day and a half. The storm happened on Monday evening, and I couldn’t get back online until Wednesday.

That aside, though, I’ve now written the About page (or at least started it), and more importantly, the August issue of Brain Dazzler is now up! That one certainly took long enough…I’ve had about enough numbers to last me the rest of the year and then some, and now I’m nearly two weeks behind on the next issue. Maybe I should make them shorter? I mean, this issue ended up being 16 pages long counting the answers. But it is there for you guys to enjoy.