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Minor status update 3: PDFs bad, Donkey Kong good — September 29, 2015

Minor status update 3: PDFs bad, Donkey Kong good

Well, I finally managed to finish the September issue of Brain Dazzler…almost a month late. It taught me an important lesson: Do not design an entire issue around puzzles that have to be made by hand and then scanned in. Not only is it tedious, it made the file nearly 300 times the size of the others. Oh well, it’s there for you guys’ entertainment if you wish. Hope you like mazes!

On a more positive note, I actually have a capture card now, and so far, it’s been working quite nicely. With this, I’ll be able to do Let’s Plays of some games that I wouldn’t have otherwise, mainly stuff on the Wii, Wii U, and PlayStation 2. (3DS games are still off the table, though.) And, in fact, I have done exactly that. On that note, I actually forgot to update that list when I started the one before that.

Also, it’s looking like this will be my only post here for September. I guess I just never got around to writing the articles I had in mind, at least not yet. I was most certainly not distracted by playing Magic: The Gathering or taking advantage of the nice weather by going hiking in the woods. On that note, September is probably my favorite month, or if not, it’s a toss-up between it and May.