Hi there! I’m TheMartianGeek, known some places as imamelia or Emyris, the Dreaming Dryad, and this is my website. I post a variety of things here, including blog articles, media reviews, and links to other stuff that I do. You can find an archive of all my posts below, organized and linked by month.

Here is an index of all the things that I’ve posted on this site, including standard blog posts, articles, lists, and media reviews.

Here, you will find links to my YouTube channel. I mainly post Let’s Plays there, but I also use it for other video game-related things, including but not limited to game music arrangements and retro game mod demonstrations.

Here is a link to some issues of a puzzle magazine that I’ve made. It’s currently on an indefinite hiatus, but it’s likely that I’ll continue it in the future if there is enough interest.

This page is for miscellaneous information, including how my rating systems work.

This page is for links to other sites that are not mine but that I like or support.

This page, finally, tells you a little bit about me.

I also have a Patreon, for those of you who would like to support me financially.