I was born in Montana in 1991, the oldest of 5 children, and have lived there for most of my life. Since then, I have accomplished many things, from learning how to form more-or-less proper human speech to graduating college with a degree that has thus far been more useful for dark comedy than for the job market, and now I have this website to add to my dubious list of achievements. And no, I prefer not to give out my real name on the Internet unless it’s required; if I know you well enough to share, chances are you already know it.

I like playing and composing music, reading (though not nearly as much as I used to, for a couple reasons), playing video games, and sometimes hiking; I am extremely interested in language and science; I have at least an above-average inexplicable interest in part-human fantastic creatures (such as therianthropes and cyborgs), Elsa from Frozen, and Lucida Sans Unicode; and I would be interested in programming if I had the patience to stick with it.

Now, while I’m sure you have an insatiable curiosity for learning all the details about me and my life, I don’t really have anything else to say here, so…why not check out some of the other pages?