In case you weren’t already aware…yeah. I picked up something either on Wednesday night or Thursday afternoon that’s pretty much taken me out of commission for a day and a half. This isn’t the cold kind of sickness where your nose turns into Snotagara Falls but rather more of the flu kind where you get so weak that trying to stand up is like trying to support a cinder block with marshmallows and you’re hot and cold at the same time (then again, that might not be so unusual in Montana), along with a grab bag of possible other symptoms, as if Mother Nature’s troublemaking 3-year-old got into the biology lab and slammed a few random buttons on the Ailment-O-Matic 2000. In my case, it’s mostly coughing and possibly a slight bit of diarrhea, though the diarrhea may have been from some turkey bacon I ate a few days ago. (It was only about 4 days past the “sell by” date, but it’s possible that it sat in the car for too long or something.) I suppose from what I remember, it’s been a while since I’ve caught some horrible disease, so maybe I was about due for it. It’s a jolly time for everyone.

Now, all that makes it pretty difficult to accomplish much of anything or fulfill any goals, unless your goals consist solely of lying on a bed like a dead fish. I mean, I’m already far too good at spending a day doing basically nothing, but the nothing I’m forced to do today is even more “nothing-er” than usual. I can’t work on much of any projects; I don’t have enough mental power for things like making puzzles or writing, and Let’s Playing is right out. Though I did play a bit of Bravely Second and managed to work on a bit of stuff in FamiTracker when I was a bit more alert earlier (and watched a couple YouTube videos, but they weren’t nearly enough). And what’s almost as bad as the illness symptoms is the awful loneliness. However bad it can be to be at home alone most of the day, it’s so much worse when you can’t do much of anything. There are no parents or siblings around to make me a nice warm cup of tea and piece of toast (of course, they know I’d do the same for them). There is only me, a room, a lamp, and a clock that slowly ticks down the seconds until it’s late enough that I’ll actually stay asleep if I try to go to bed (ideally, anyway). It’s about 9:25 PM at the time of this writing…only an hour or two more to go. Even a conversation with slurred speech is still a conversation, but it is something denied me right now.

Overall, I really don’t know what to do, either for activities or to help myself get better. (The situation reminds me a bit of Weird Al’s “Callin’ In Sick”, but that’s little comfort.) I’ve heard that where food is concerned, the “BRAT diet”, for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast, is recommended when you’re sick. So far, just based on what I can actually handle making, I’ve been on the CGRCACTMSLH diet, for Cereal, Granola, and a Random Carton of Animal Crackers That My Sister Left Here. I’m half tempted to try the raw garlic thing. It would be painful and smelly, but hey, it’s not like I’m going out in public in this condition. I wonder if pickled garlic works as well?

In any case…I guess this post might seem pointless to some people, but I felt like saying something. To everyone reading…whatever. I just hope you’re feeling better than I am. I guess if nothing else, flu symptoms for me at least tend to last for a mercifully short time, only a few days, as opposed to cold symptoms, which can easily last for 2 weeks or more. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to either chug 3 mugs of echinacea tea, eat half a gallon of chicken noodle soup, or sleep for 18 hours straight, whichever is the most feasible right now.