Happy Holidays! Or Merry Christmas, of course.  Well, Merry Late Christmas, but it’s not January 6 yet anyway, and New Year’s Day counts as a holiday as well.  Also, if you’re the type of person who actually gets offended by people saying “Happy Holidays”, then you’re also the type of person whom I really don’t care about offending.

In any case, I’ll make this status update quick.  In order of importance (actually, the first thing is the only important one):

  • Even more puzzle delays.  I swear I’m working on it, but progress has been slow, so I won’t have issue #5 done even by the end of December.  Sorry.
  • I finally finished Trails in the Sky SC today.  A good end to 2015, no? I still can’t believe I got the first one only one year and one day ago.
  • Also saw Inside Out recently.  Mostly, what I got from it is that now I’ll start using “the little people inside my brain” as a metaphor for any number of neurological expressions.

Oh yeah, and of course, 2015 is almost over (at the time of this writing, there is about 50 minutes left of it), and 2016 is upon us.  It was a relatively interesting year for me, I suppose, and I hope the next year will even better.  More puzzles! More site updates! More writing! More video games! Yay and stuff.  See you next year.