Well, I still haven’t filled out all of the information everywhere, but you may be happy to know that I have added three more pages to the list: Puzzles, Videos, and Links.  The Puzzles page is for my monthly puzzle magazine Brain Dazzler (currently?), while the Videos page is basically just a plug for my increasingly futile YouTube channel, and the Links page is where I will put links to other websites that I happen to like for one reason or another.

Also, since I might as well say something vaguely interesting (I actually do have ideas for a few possible things to write, but that would require me to feel productive), I might as well mention that I recently took a personality test from here, and it confirmed that I do indeed have one.  I wouldn’t base my life on it, but it was kind of interesting, and I’d be curious to know what results my family and friends would get.

Oh, and I think I managed to fix that annoying time zone disparity, though it’s not reflected in these first two posts.  It is still very much July 30 here at the time of writing.  (And on an unrelated note, I’ve had “Radioactive” and Weird Al’s parody of it stuck in my head for nearly the entire day….)